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Preguntas para las familias - Questions for HF =)

Bueno, esta es la lista que fui armando mientras me preparaba para mis entrevistas. En realidad es como la mitad de la lista porque como se me ocurrian preguntas en cualquier lado, tenía un montón de papeles sueltos y perdí unos cuantos en este tiempo.

Sobre los niños:
  • Primero recomiendo leer muy bien la descripción de los padres sobre cada niño (yo practicamente me se de memoria la de los míos) y hacer preguntas específicas basadas en lo que dicen.
  • Has or Is any of the kids in some face?  How did/are you handling it?
  • How are the older ones taking the arrival of the baby? Are they acting out a lot to call for atention?
  • Even the best children sometimes act out, or misbehave to call for atention, when is it more likely that your kids do this? Is it hard to get them dress, do they often refuse to eat, etc?
  • How did/will you explain the new person at home to the children? 
  • How do you explain to them what an au pair is?
  • What dicipline sistem do you use with the children? Will I participate in this?
  • What role do you mainly want me to play with them? Teacher, playmate, parent, aunt, friend?
  • Do they go to preschool, or school? Do they like going? If they have just started, is it hard for them to stay? 
  • Do they have many friends? Go on playdates often?
  • Has any of them a particular fear? Like to animals, dark, etc
  • Has any of them had problems at school? 
  • Would you feel ok if I had an idea or a suggestion regarding the children?

Sobre los padres y la familia:
  • How are you preparing yourselves to host?
  • Are you happy with your jobs?
  • How do you feel about social networks? Would you be ok if I posted pictures of me with you or the children in my facebook account?
  • Have you had an au pair before? 
    • If yes, whay was she/he a good au pair for you? Did you have a situation with her that was a problem? how did you handle that?
    • If not, what do you think a good au pair for you would be? How do you plan to work out hard situations?
    • Have you had to rematch? why?
  • What does the "part of the family" aspect of the program mean to you?
  • All families have good and bad moments, what is, in your opinion, the best and worst part of being with your family?
  • What is your extended family like? Do they live close by? Do they come often to visit? How do you see the au pair integrating with them?
  •  Did you plan to have the number of kids you have?
  • Do you like pets?
  • Do you hunt? Own any guns?
  • Are you political or religious? Are this topics often discussed at your home?
  • Do you consider you are tolerant with different sexual orientations, other races, other religions? Would you be ok if I had a friend over who was gay/lesbian/brown/yellow/Muslim/Jew? 
  • What is your approach when you have a problem in life? (not related to au pair, but in general)
  • When you both have time off, do you prefer to spend it wit children or couple's time?
  • How do you spend your holidays?
  • What is the city you live like? How is public transportation like? Are there places I can go walking?

Sobre mi y otras cosas:
  • Why did you like my profile?
  • I talk a lot, laugh a lot, I like to hug and kiss the people I love, will you have a problem with that?
  • What is the room for the au pair like?
  • Would I be able to participate in some food choices? 
  • What do you regulary eat? Do you go out to dinner often?
  • How do you plan to handle federal hollidays? Will I have some of them off?
  • Do you have a bike I could use?
  • You know much of the information we have about your country comes from Holliwood movies, what do you think we get the wrong idea of?
  • Are you planning to give me a phone I can use or will I have to buy my own? Will you add me to your family plan?
  •  Do you have a curfew for the au pair? for the car?
  • How often will you need me to work on Friday or Saturday nights?
Bueno, hasta ahi llega lo que encontré... hoy me toca ordenar mi cuarto que esta un desastre debido a tanto viaje de ir y venir que tuve ultimamente... si encuentro más, agrego =)

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  1. Muy buenas las preguntas! Las podría haber tenido cuando hice la mía! Jajaja
    Un saludo!